Why Choose Wooden Furniture Over Plastic

Over time, the furniture business continues to diversify. Unlike before, there are now many different production materials used in furniture making. People select furniture; commercial or residential, based on factors such as lifestyle choices, visual attraction, strength, weight, and functionality, amongst other varying reasons. The raw materials used for furniture production presently include plastic, glass, wood, steel, chrome, PVC, and bamboo. For many years now, plastics have gained much popularity, as it is cheap and relatively long lasting. However, people continue to show their liking for wood furniture by going back to it over time.

Interesting Facts about Wood Furniture

Working with wooden material is fun and creative. You only need the combination of the wood, some tools, your hands, and a few fixtures; to create magnificent items. Also, you can reshape already made furniture. With plastic, you mostly purchase it in moulded forms from stores. You can rarely add to or reduce the style.

Wood is a renewable resource, you can use wooden furniture for years, then choose to either burn it into ash; or decompose it back into the soil.

The resilience in wooden furniture makes it a good choice for people of all weights to use comfortably, and for extended periods. Contrarily, you cannot sit on plastic chairs for too long without feeling uncomfortable. This is especially true for larger people. The solid make-up of wood favours different resting positions. Whether sitting or lying, people find it relaxing to recline on wooden furniture. They can rest for extended periods without feeling worn-out.

Importantly, those with severe back pains should get advised to sleep on beds made of solid wood. It offers excellent back support; an advantage that plastic-made beds lack, hence a form of long-term therapy.

Also, those who spend hours sitting in the office prefer the wooden type of furnishing. Many office workers attribute wooden-made office chairs to giving them upright and firm postures compared to plastic chairs.

2. Appealing Aesthetic Value

Furniture made of wood offers visual appeal that is far superior compared to that made of plastic and other materials. Moreover, it is easier to have a wide variety of unique and custom-made furnishing to exactly suit your tastes and preferences.

Wood comes in different shades. You can choose the perfect shade to match existing décor. Furniture made from plastics, tends to come in limited colours and shades.

3. Flexibility

With wooden furniture either at home or in a commercial setting, you can naturally combine it with other items made from different materials such as glass and metal. For example, there are modern wooden tables, whose tops consist of glasses. Such integrations usually bring out beautiful and excellently functional furniture designs.

4. Resilience in Form

Most people usually select furniture based on the hardiness of the materials. Wooden furniture can easily maintain their natural form and attractiveness for years.

However, you will find plastic furniture appears worn and old much quicker with scratches and dents difficult to repair – it is hard to reform plastic pieces back to their original state.

With wooden items, in the case of some minor fading, it is easy to polish them up and make them appear brand new. Wood durability is one of the major factors which continues to attract people of all cultures and countries who seek furniture that will look great for generations to come.