The type and function of the paint turns out a lot. What type and function of paint for building construction there? Cat has a very important role in a room. Not only the room alone, but the paint or color determine whether or not someone likes on certain objects and be a consideration for whether or not to choose something. As important as that color for humans.

you will get a lot of information about the color of paint that is suitable for your room just Click here Not only suitable in terms of architectural course, but also in accordance with the wishes of you who will inhabit the residence.
Paint function

In the context of the type and function of paint for building construction, tat has many important functions. Among others are:

– As the outer or skin of the wall of the room so that the walls are not easy to mossy.

– Provide color in the room which is the identity of the owner’s character.

– Provides aesthetic touch especially when the color combination is suitable so as to enhance the beauty of the room.
Cat Type

There are so many different types and functions of paint for building construction. If allowed to be categorized, there are 11 categories that often used are:
1. Alkyd Syntetic Paint

This type of paint has a character that is strong enough, which is identical with its glossy and commonly used to color the interior and exterior of the room. One of the hallmarks of alkyd synthetic paint when compared with other paint is weather resistant and also mushrooms. Usually, other than used for interior and exterior room, this paint is also often used to color the surface of iron and wood.
2. Styrene Acrylic Emulsion Paint

The second type of paint that is quite attractive is the emulsion paint styrene acrlylic. This paint is used for concrete surfaces, brick, asbestos, plywood, and also plastering.
3. Wall Sealer

Wall sealer is the base paint used to cover the pores of the surface of the plastering wall as a whole. The process of painting with wall sealer is done prior to plastering with the aim that the surface is smoother and the paint used will be more attached with the stucco wall.