It’s that point of yr where the new cocoa and a guide by the hearth sound oh, so proper. Our very gifted pal Neal likes to tinker around with constructing things, and he offered to re-construct our fire. We recommend staying away from marble for fireplaces as it’s a softer material that stains simply and tends to come in lighter colours, not perfect for a fireside environment.

Other stone utilized in a fireplace, resembling lava rock, may also benefit with a coat of paint. When attaching your drywall or plasterboard immediately over the fireplace wall, you will have to cover the joints with tape and compound after which attach your plasterboard with masonry adhesive or screws.

To do that, put down one other layer of your Thinset utilizing a notched trowel and set your tiles into it. Understand that an important area to pay attention to when tiling around a hearth is the tiles directly above the firebox. Homeowners felt this fire was drab and dated and because it was centered in the lounge, it couldn’t be disguised in anyway.

Deliver your gasoline fireplace up to date by subbing in concrete rock balls for the tried-and-true fake logs. A customized mantle allows you to tie the transformed fireplace in with the room’s design. Replacing your brick fireplace with marble is a extra pricey proposition, but will even create an unmatched quality set up.

Incorporating up to date touches like granite or quartz with traditional stonework makes an outdated fire really feel state-of-the-artwork. Your brick fire can also be replaced with marble, granite or other forms and colors of fireproof brick. Luckily, there is a lot you are able to do to remedy this as a result of a fire remodel is totally doable as a DIY venture.