Surrogacy in ADONIS

International Surrogacy services can vary according to the quality level, affordability of the cost, effectiveness of the treatment and professionalism of the staff. ADONIS Medical Center accommodates the best innovative procedures and programs for your infertility treatment and maintains the greatest price/quality ratio on the medical assistance market.

Surrogacy Programs include the main aim – to help people with fertility problems to gain parental happiness. The Surrogacy process consists of the Surrogate mother that cares and gives birth to the baby, Intended parents who give the biological material for the embryo formation and ADONIS highly professional staff that control all the stages during the infertility treatment.

Gestational Surrogacy 

The variety of possible Surrogacy options are numerous, but the most common are:

  • Traditional Surrogacy – the process when the Surrogate mother eggs are fertilized with the intended father sperm (or donor sperm)
  • Gestational Surrogacy – the process when the Surrogate mother only carries an embryo created as the result of IVF procedure (using the donor material of the intended parents)

ADONIS International Surrogacy provides only Gestational Surrogacy Programs based on the IVF procedure. Complying with several important aspects of the Gestational Surrogacy lead to the most effective results.

Gestational Surrogacy means:

  • Obligatory genetic relation of baby and intended parents (at least one of them)
  • Intended parents closeness to the whole process of baby carrying and birth
  • Control over the safe environment of future baby
  • Opportunity to use the cryopreserved embryos from the previous IVF treatment
  • Individual selection of the Surrogate mother
  • Total legality and ensured parental right for the intended parents

ADONIS Surrogacy provides the closeness between the intended parents and the baby from the very first days. You always have the full information about the course of the pregnancy, health state of the Surrogate and the whole examination process. For our clients we provide the ultrasound examination results, 3D photos and videos of the fetus, heartbeat monitoring. 

Legality of the Surrogate process

One of the crucial aspects in the Surrogacy process is its legality and total safety for both sides – the Intended parents and the Surrogate. 

ADONIS International Surrogacy is compiled under the whole norms of Ukrainian legislation and is totally approved. 

Intended parents are protected by the qualitative support of ADONIS own Legal Department. We provide high level help with all documentation, agreements, registration, etc. 

With the help of a well-developed Surrogate Agreement, the Surrogate mother has no legal rights for the baby from the very beginning of the infertility treatment. Intended parents are the one and only who are considered to be the legal parents (and genetically related) for the future baby. 

In comparison with Canadian or USA Surrogacy processes, ADONIS Infertility Surrogate Programs are more simplified thanks to ADONIS own Surrogate base, where the candidates are ready to start the Program immediately without delays.

Infertility treatment with the Surrogate help in ADONIS is the most qualified and professional medical assistance. The affordability of ADONIS Surrogate Programs are incomparable with the other Surrogacy agencies

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