Saving Money By Wrapping Your House Up In The Winter

Central heating is the number one source of heat for Britons in winter. Most heating systems will run around the clock for the months of October to April when the weather finally starts to warm up enough. Across the UK, around 65{50875b531a969c277cbb2ec21164da90f863514ff193b31f077cca337f638d5b} of household energy is spent on house heating. This, in turn, means that energy consumption for the average house in the UK is their biggest expense.

Reducing the amount which is spent on heating will not only make things a little easier for homeowners but will also reduce the carbon footprint for the home. According to Neil Davy, insulation specialist at Pipelagging, around 15{50875b531a969c277cbb2ec21164da90f863514ff193b31f077cca337f638d5b} of households in the UK cannot afford to keep their home warm during the cooler winter months. “The rising cost of living and increased prices of utilities, has made it almost impossible for the poorest in the country to afford basic heating”.

Here are a few simple ways, every home can keep warm this winter

Insulate Walls

Walls are a fundamental part of every home design and they also make a crucial contribution to maintaining home temperatures. It is important to consider the financial saving for your home if you install proper wall insulation. Not only will your home be warm in winter but it will be cool in summer. Wall insulation, while expensive at the onset will pay off after the first winter when you are saving money on heating bills.


Natural heating from the sun is free. You need to make sure that you make the most of every little bit of natural light entering your home. At night, when it gets dark, you need to close the curtains to keep the heat from escaping. Curtains are invaluable in keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer because they act as a natural insulator.


If you must make use of central heating you need to make sure that you program your boiler to switch on at a certain time and then off again. It is advised that you only make use of the heating in your home at times when you are home. There is really no use in letting your heating system run during the day when you are not home. Similarly, you do not need the heating in your home while you are asleep. Set your boiler to start up around 30 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning. This way you will be cutting down on the time your boiler is in use and also making the most of the boiler while it is in use.

Roof insulation

Did you know that the average home will lose around a quarter of the heat created from central heating through the roof? This means that a quarter of the money spent on heating during the winter months is wasted. To avoid this sort of wastage, it is advised that you install adequate roof insulation. Roof insulation is affordable, long-lasting and hard-wearing. You will not need to replace the insulation regularly, making it real value for money.