Rugs That Tell Stories

Rugs are rugs, right? They are practical, sometimes pretty and often there to add the final touch of warmth or character to a room, hallway or dining area. But not all rugs are just rugs. Some rugs exist from a long, historical tradition – passed down from generation to generation and woven with unbelievable finesse and craft. We’re talking about the Persian rug. A style of carpeting that, from its origins, was meticulously hand-crafted and developed to reflect culture and story. Today, this art form has been developed into a rich market that incorporates both the traditional style and bespoke, modern styles that retain the same ethos of quality and prestige, while considering budget and accommodation of more modern spaces.

But Persian rugs have a history of storytelling. Persian rugs are known for their excellent quality and long-lasting robustness. Some say that those of the highest quality and woven with mixed materials such as wool and silk can last upwards of 100 years. But the reputation for quality is only one aspect of the rug’s relevance in history. Many artists, poets and historians have referred to Persian tapestries and their symbolic styles as being regarded with prestige and high culture. These pieces of art are not just an evolution of a necessity, rather pieces of art that use symbols and figures to reflect the story of their time: tribesmen, royalty, rulers, war, piece and living from the land.

They may still serve a purpose, but these rugs are now much more about their cultural history, quality and style than they are about offering walkways or protecting tired feet from cold floors. Persian rugs are a statement that reflects skill, craft and historical relevance. Not only are they beautiful and available in a range of both traditional and modern styles, they are a focal point of any space, and when you think of their longevity, they are also an investment in quality as well as in art.

When speaking with [NAME] of Persian and Modern Rugs, he told us that his customers come to him due to the company’s focus on overall quality, saying, “They find us because of what we can offer in terms of considering budget, interior design, our knowledge of the history of the craft and our absolute dedication to quality. Quality is the most important thing, it’s the one thing we just can’t compromise on.”

So, if you’re looking for a Persian rug, we advise that you don’t compromise on quality, first and foremost but it’s good to know that there are a range of styles to choose from within this market. No matter what your space calls for.