Many people nowadays have a lawn in their backyard. Of course, having a lawn is very nice, and it provides a lot more greenery in the backyard. A lawn is ideal for playing pets and children. Besides, in summer you can lie on the lawn and enjoy the sun. The lawn gets a lot to endure throughout the year and this can have unpleasant consequences for the lawn. For example, the lawn may lose its colour, but it can also develop bald spots. It is important to maintain your lawn properly, only in this way can you keep it in optimal condition. Don’t know how to maintain your lawn? In this article, we provide useful tips so that you can better maintain your lawn.

Moowy lawn feed

The lawn and especially the grass must be able to absorb the right nutrients. The grass needs enough water and also enough sunlight. Yet, your grass may lack nutrients and that is why it is important to fertilise the grass. However, the fertiliser you buy for the grass should be of a high quality. This means you need to buy it from a reliable provider, and that is Moowy. Moowy has high-quality fertiliser and moowy lawn feed you can use well for fertilising the lawn.

How to sow grass seed

If you want to be able to maintain your lawn properly, it is also important to know how to sow grass seed. This is because you need to sprinkle new grass seed over the lawn several times a year. This way, the bare spots disappear and the lawn also gets a better volume. Still, buying grass seeds can be very tricky and this is because there are different grass seeds. Each variety can be used for something different, and you need to compare these grass seeds carefully.

It is also important to regularly scarify the lawn. In this way, you can make sure that the moss disappears. This is because moss has a negative effect on the lawn and can cause a layer of thatch to form. Moss and the felt layer deprive the lawn of air and sunlight. It is therefore important to regularly scarify so that the lawn gets enough air again. This way, the grass can develop a lot better, isn’t it ideal? Look on the internet for products for sowing grass seed and lawn feed.

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