Infertility treatment of the highest level

The new technological world makes the lives of people easier and, when we are speaking about medical assistance, healthier. Numerous opportunities and chances to overcome different diseases and abnormalities improve the quality of people’s lives. 

Egg and Sperm Donation with Surrogacy is one of the most successful variants to overcome infertility problems and to give life to new babies.  

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies provides the widest variety of Infertility Programs for the patients from the whole world. Our Surrogacy Programs have been successfully operated since 2012, with the total long-term expertise in the medical sphere for more than 23 years.

ADONIS own Donor base

To be a part of ADONIS own Donor base, women undergo a complete clinical and psychological examination. It helps us to obtain detailed information about a woman’s health status, her fertility and reproductive potential. Each woman undergoes a full gynecological examination, which makes it possible to exclude the likelihood of the presence of cysts, fibroids, polyps and other pathologizes of the reproductive system. 

In addition, chromosome analysis is carried out in order to exclude the possibility of transmission of anomalies to both the unborn child and the recipient woman.

Also, tests to reveal diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis are carried out, as well as to determine the blood group and Rh factor of a potential donor.

ADONIS ‘own laboratory is constructed under the highest technological norms approved in the whole world, the equipment base is really quality and extensive. 

To ensure total control under the process of infertility treatment, we provide the full set of examinations needed for successful results. 

Only the best expertise and the highest qualification – the main bail of ADONIS high bar. 

Gestational Surrogacy is fully legalized according to the Ukrainian legislation and norms. This infertility treatment is allowed under the following conditions: 

  • Directed medical indication of the woman to use the Surrogate Program
  • Obligatory genetic connection between the intended parents (at least one of them) and the future baby
  • Obligatory absence of genetic connection between the Surrogate and the future baby
  • Perfectly executed documents for the Surrogate Program 

Surrogate Programs on the territory of Ukraine can be provided only for officially married heterosexual couples with the special medical indication. 

Comfort and support

ADONIS cares about every patient’s well-being. We provide the special set of additional help and support, which includes:

  • ADONIS own Legal Department to help you with documentations and agreements
  • Translation services to settle all possible difficulties 
  • Notarization services to ensure the legality of the process
  • Transfer services for your total comfort 
  • Informational support according to all aspects of the Infertility treatment process 

ADONIS Egg donation and Surrogacy Center will give you the opportunity to make your long-awaited dream – a reality. 

The high quality Surrogate Programs with Egg and Sperm Donation ensure your effective results and unforgettable pleasant emotion of the process. 

Make the first step toward your new life – come to ADONIS!