If the Gum Sticks to the Carpet

Carpets are often used to provide warmth on cold floor rooms. Carpets are also sometimes used to add comfort when sitting on the floor.

Most people use carpets to add beauty to one room. This beauty is not only when the object is spread on the floor. However, it can also be used to add beauty to various corners of the house.

What if one day the carpet is stained? If it’s a mild stain like dust, it might be easy to clean it. But what if it’s stuck on the carpet is a stain that is difficult to clean. For example, like gum.

If one day, you or a family member is chewing gum and accidentally falls on the carpet, don’t panic right away. Because to clean it is not difficult, just use simple equipment in your home.

This time I will give a few tips for you to be able to completely remove the stain of gum. Of course, you should try this later at your house if your carpet has gum on it.

After removing the gum, don’t forget to clean the carpet from the stains left behind. Because the gum contains sugar that can cause stains.

Well, the tools and materials you need are ice cubes, plastic bags, bread knives, towels, and dishwashing soap.

The process steps, put ice cubes in plastic so that water does not wet the carpet. Then, place a plastic filled with water on top of the sticky gum. Let stand for about five minutes until the gum freezes.

After freezing, take gum using a bread knife.

Next, clean the stains of gum used with a damp towel and a little dishwashing soap. Clean the soap with a damp towel, then dry with a clean towel.

If that way, your carpet is still not completely clean. I recommend you to hire a carpet cleaning expert such as the area rug cleaning san Antonio Tx.

Good luck!