How We Bought Some Great Bunk Beds

My two little boys have been annoying me for ages to buy them bunk beds. Allegedly all their friends have them, and they love it when they sleep over at their friends’ houses. So, owing to I like the quiet life I’ve at long last decided to give in and buy them a set of bunks. I am a little worried about the boys growing up so quickly that I won’t get value for money out of the beds. With this in mind I want inexpensive bunk beds whilst not compromising on the safety and sturdiness of them. They must have guard rails too which will make me feel better and the boys safer.

The big benefit of having bunk beds in the boys’ room will be the floor space that will be freed up. The boys have some toys, but they are restricted in what they can play with because their twin beds take up so much room. That often results in quarrels and tears, specifically when they have friends over to play. Bunk beds would without doubt resolve that annoyance.

After researching online at sites like for a while I came across an excellent website that has the best deals on kids’ beds. The site was excellent; it has everything on it you would hope for when picking out bunk beds. I let my young boys choose the beds they wanted and thankfully they arrived yesterday. The boys are over the moon, ecstatic. Of course, the next debate was who was going to sleep on the top bunk. I said they have to take turns, one week each, which they agreed to do.

The beds were assembled by their dad, a job which he enjoyed doing. I knew he would enjoy it as he has always been a child at heart himself. He commented that he had always wanted a bunk bed when he was younger, so he shared the boys’ enthusiasm for these great beds.

My husband was pleased with the cost of the beds. He couldn’t believe just how cheap they were. We got a great deal, in fact nearly half the price of what they normally are. You just can’t beat a bargain like that. Apart from the savings there was also a huge variety of beds to choose from.

There are many different types and styles of beds to purchase today. Mid sleepers are ideal for children who want a cabin bed feel but don’t want to sleep too high up. They also provide good storage space which helps to maximise a smaller bedroom to its full potential

You can also buy loft beds that raise the sleeping position in comparison to the height of a top bunk. The space underneath can be used for furniture such as a small wardrobe, shelves, futons, a desk or a dressing table. There are also some terrific themed bunk beds to get any child’s imagination soaring. With kids’ beds to suit every boy or girl’s dreams, bedtime traumas should definitely be a thing of the past.