How to: light up trees in your garden

Wonderful, tall trees are often the showpiece of any garden, all year round! In the spring the leaves on the tree regain that beautiful green colour and when the summer approaches the trees peak in their beauty. By the time autumn comes, the leaves get such a beautiful colour gradient. It’s so beautiful that you forget for a moment that the weather is getting colder. And with a bit of luck, the garden will turn into a dazzling winter wonderland at the end of the year. Of course you want to enjoy the trees in your garden for as much time as possible. We get that! During the night that’s not really possible because it’s dark outside. But we have a solution for that: highlighting your trees with beautiful lightning. In this blog we tell you all about it!

Spots to spot the tree

One thing should be clear: always light trees with spots. Spots are very useful for lighting up a tree because of different reasons. For example: ground spots can be placed everywhere in your garden, even in your lawn and outdoor spots can rotate, so lighting up trees of different heights is not a problem. These spots are different from each other but they all provide the perfect light to illuminate or accentuate that beautiful, tall tree.

Different trees, different lights

All trees are unique. So you might need to think about different things when you want to light up different trees. Some trees are very tall. For these trees you will maybe need a band to place high up in the tree, to only light up the highest part of the tree. Or maybe there are a lot of smaller plants beside the tree you want to light up. There is also a solution for this situation. You can buy spots on small poles. So you can place just above the smaller plants, so they won’t block the light.

You don’t have trees in your garden?

No problem at all! Nowadays you have a solution for almost everything. Even for wanting a lighted tree, without even having a tree. The solution is a Fairybell flagpole tree! You only need space to place a flagpole and you are ready for a lighted tree in your garden. You just buy a flagpole tree and install it in your garden, easy! Additional advantage: you don’t have to do anything in your garden anymore before Christmas. Because of this three, you already have a nice atmosphere in your garden all year round.