How To Car Air Conditioning To Be More Durable And Cold

Car air conditioning may be regarded as one of the most important components as a driver and passenger comfort feature. In summer, AC certainly plays a role to make the cabin feel cooler. When the rainy season, AC is equally important to make the glass does not become foggy. After all, driving in the rain by opening the glass without using the air conditioner, is quite disturbing to me because of the rain that comes through the window gap.

But not a few people who feel their car air conditioner problem. An example is air conditioning that smells musty or less savory and most often is less cold air conditioning. These problems would be quite disturbing. Especially if the weather conditions that force we need a good car air conditioning. For that, let us a little more familiar with the causes and how to solve the problem that usually happens on the car air conditioner. If your ac has broken just visit: air conditioning repairs and maintenance

Car Air Conditioner Removes Odor

Basically, the components that exist on the car air conditioner can not emit an unpleasant odor. But in fact, many car owners are finding cases like this. If indeed you find something like this on your vehicle, maybe some of the things below as the cause.

  • Use car fragrances are perfunctory. The ingredients used are fragrances whose origin tends to be of inferior quality, so they can contaminate the evaporator and are difficult to clean.
  • Dirt and dust contained in the cabin. This is because often drive with the condition of the window open, the use of sandals and shoes are dirty when riding a car and so forth. Dirt and dust are then attached to the evaporator and cause the growth of fungi that causes musty smell and less savory.
  • Nicotine-containing cigarettes can stick to the evaporator and become slimy.

Uncooled Car AC

This problem seems to be the most complained of car owners. Unfortunately, if we go to the car repair shop less reliable car will always be informed that the freon run out and stay recharged only. Though according to some sources, freon will not be exhausted for a long time. If until the freon runs out, that means there is damage or leakage in our vehicle cooling system.