Do you happen to have a natural lawn in your backyard? After all, this is very convenient and there are also many advantages to this. A natural lawn not only creates a beautiful look, but also a relaxing atmosphere in the backyard. The lawn has to endure a lot throughout the year, and this means it can quickly lose its optimal condition. Of course, you don’t want the lawn to look worse and get yellow grass patches, for example. Yellow grass patches mainly appear in the lawn when the grass does not get enough water. This is because it dries out quickly and gradually the green colour disappears and turns yellow.

Besides preventing yellow grass patches, there are many other things you need to perform for maintenance. By performing all the tasks of maintenance, it is possible to keep the lawn in optimal condition. Many people don’t quite know how to perform maintenance yet, but what should be done? In this article, we will tell you more about it, so you can find out all about it.


Scarifying the lawn is very important and this is forgotten by many people. The thatch must be removed regularly, and only in this way can the grass absorb nutrients. When scarifying, it is also useful to know how to get rid of chafer grubs. These are very harmful to the lawn and should be removed as soon as possible. You can buy special products for this, which will help you kill these critters quickly. When scarifying, it is always important to use a good moss killer. With a good moss killer, it is possible to remove all the moss, and this is very important. This way, the grass is given the opportunity to grow, which is ideal.


The grass needs to get the right nutrients and minerals so that it can also continue to grow. Fertilising the lawn allows it to do this, and it is important to use good fertiliser. With quality fertiliser, it is possible to make the grass grow faster and that is a big advantage. Besides fertilising the lawn, it is also wise to regularly sow grass. This allows you to fill bare spots in the lawn, but also ensures that more grass can grow. You can also easily buy grass seeds on the internet, but here it is also essential to choose quality.