Environmentally friendly commercial refrigerator disposal

Expenses in commercial refrigeration and freezing can be steep and when you invest, you want the appliance to last as long as possible. This is not only a cost factor but environmentally, refrigerators have a harmful effect. The longer the service life of a fridge, the less its impact on the environment.

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However, if there comes a time your commercial refrigerator has seen the end of its time and you are ready to dispose of it, this must be done with care and within regulations. We consider why it is important to dispose of your commercial refrigerator safely.

Buy wisely

The first way to reduce the environmental impact of disposal is to delay disposal of the one you buy. So buy a durable refrigerator that has the least environmental harm when it is disposed of. You can do this by looking for those which state they have a warranty of three or more years.

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Regular servicing

If you regularly service your refrigerator you will be able to keep it in good condition and prolong its life.

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Manual checks

You can place your refrigerator in an area with a naturally lower temperature and with sufficient room around it to ensure air can circulate freely and the vents are clear.

Repair your fridge

If your appliance is starting to fail call in a technician and see if it can be repaired. A refrigeration repair specialist can prolong the life of your appliance, save you money, and cause less damage to the environment by increasing service life. Commercial fridges can last twenty years if well maintained.

Safe disposal

If you have to dispose of a broken refrigerator, you are disposing of hazardous waste and need to comply with current legislation (Environmental Protection Act 1990 “Waste Management Duty of Care”, EC regulation 2037/2000 “Removal of ODS”, and The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE)) on hazardous waste collection and disposal.

The safe and legal way to dispose of your refrigerator is by professional waste collection. However, if you can help your refrigerator serve you longer with a little extra care, you can help the environment and your pocket in the long run.