Did You Know About Oak Trees?

The oak tree is often known as the Oak tree. Oak trees can grow in different regions and almost in every region. Based on its habitat, this tree consists of three types, namely:

1.      Quercus

The Quercus Oak tree grows on the northern hemisphere, the countries of continental Europe and America. An example is the Jurupa Oak tree which belongs to the species Quercus palmeri or oak palm, it is named Jurupa because of the jurupa wind that often blows on the hill where it lives.

2.      Cyclobalanopsis

Cyclobalanopsis Oak trees grow in cold Asian regions such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

3.      Cork Oak

Oak trees grow in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

Its characteristics are having a sturdy rod, leafy and elegant leaves, robust stems and branches, and a large root system sensitive to soil characteristics, pH and moisture content. Oak trees also have a strange habit, which does not abort leaves in autumn even though the color remains brownish. When the leaf buds appear in the spring, then the oak tree drops the already brown leaves.

Oak trees have many uses, namely:

  1. Oak trees can be used as a protector because the leaves are shady and the tree is strong
  2. These wooden trees can be used as building materials ranging from making ships to furniture, walls, floor panels, etc.

Ek wood grown in France is well known for being believed to be able to produce the world’s best quality beverage such as wine, because it has a vanilla aroma from Ek and better taste and color.

Typical aroma produced Ek wood is also commonly used to bloat foods such as cheese, meat and fish. For more information about oak you can visit it in Reclaimed Flooring Co.

  1. Oak fruit called Acorn, can be used as flour to make bread and cakes. When baked can also produce Acorn coffee.