Business Success Strategy Cleaning Service

In general, cleaning service services include cleaning of the entire building, whether it is home, office, or public facilities, start cleaning service with unit system, such as washing sofa, carpet wash, floor polish, washing ceramic, washing furniture until bathroom cleanliness. In order to maintain cleanliness services continuously by clients, business actors must continue to bring new one

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tips for successful business cleaning service:

1.Not only offer clean services only, but also offer back end products from cleaning service. What is a backend product? Is a product that is still associated with cleaning service, for example in the form of leasing and even the sale of equipment and cleaning materials. Can also provide cleaning service courses with tools and materials that have been provided.

2.Using chemicals that go green. Providing a satisfactory service.

3.Provide warranty service if the job result is less satisfactory.

4.For the use of chemicals, be sure to use quality ingredients, not a rough patch, given the market share of this business is the upper middle class, so that the work of quality and maximum is very important!

5.In addition to the promotion of word of mouth and brochure, use also effective promotion but cheap by via the internet. Can use free blog, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc

6.Honest. The key to success of the cleaning service business is honesty. If the company does not have the ability to serve, for example because of the limitations of the tool, you should say honestly, and do not force it to work. If the results are not good it will disappoint the customer and will cause bad judgment.