If you’ve been dreaming of an exotic vacation but need to get your home remodeling plans finished first, here’s a novel idea: why not combine the two?

It may sound complicated but think of the advantages: instead of staying in a hotel while your kitchen or bath is gutted and replaced, you can visit new places, see historical sights, or bask in the sunshine instead of stumbling through a work zone and eating cold pizza for breakfast. You won’t have to worry about workmen disrupting your schedule or everyone using the spare bathroom because the main bath is being renovated, and you won’t have to deal with the mess being tracked throughout the house by your family! Here’s some tips on vacationing while a remodel is in progress:

Designate a trusted family member or friend to keep track of the remodel progress. Make clear plans on how you wish to be updated, such as a daily email or phone call.

Schedule your renovation with a trusted licensed contractor. Make sure they guarantee the finish date of the project and have all the materials and any replacement appliances on hand before the schedule date.

Book your vacation to coincide with the remodel. It’s a good idea to use a service that offers flexible dates in case you have to change travel plans before departure, as you’ll be booking in advance and all the remodel materials may not have arrived by the time of departure.

Secure your valuables such as jewelry and important documents before you leave. A bank security box is an excellent idea or you can leave them with a trusted family member if you wish. The main thing to keep in mind is that workmen will be in your house while you’re gone and you don’t want to chance something disappearing while you’re gone.

Clear out the work zone before you leave. For example, if you’re kitchen will be gutted you should have all the cupboards emptied in advance and have a clear path to the circuit box and any other areas the workers may need to access.

Remember to check in with the person overseeing the remodel, and don’t forget to get them a great appreciation gift from your exotic vacation locale before you fly home to your “new” house!