Many people think that getting a renovation started means having to rip up flooring or go throw the hassle of choosing colors and repainting walls. The fact is that something as little as getting new window shutters for the inside or outside of your home can add that extra something that gives a boring home life again.

Shutters are usually used as privacy screens on windows. This allows people from the outside to not be able to look into the inside. They are also used as sun blinds to keep the light from outside from being in the home. There are many different kids of shutters but they are mostly divided into two categories: interior and exterior. Interior shutters are the ones that go inside of the home. They are sometimes referred to as “window blinds” and come in styles like tradition, plantation, and California shutters. They are used as extra privacy from the outside and are commonly use for the look they have and give the home. Exterior shutters are ones that are outside of the home. Recent trends are to remove them from the outside of the home, but the bare look of the home after removal is off putting to some homeowners who love the look of exterior shutters. In a lot of cases, the exterior shutters are non-functioning and are for decoration only. However, in places near the ocean or ones more prone to hurricanes, having a hurricane shutter is very important. Hurricane shutters are more sturdy shutters on the outside of the home that can be closed to protect the home from high winds and debris that would be flying around in the event of a hurricane.

There are many options to how and where to put the window shutters to jazz up a home. In a lot of cases, they are more inexpensive than getting new flooring and a lot easier than rearranging furniture. It’s a simple and cost effective way to give your home a renewed look without the hassle.