Rugs That Tell Stories

Rugs are rugs, right? They are practical, sometimes pretty and often there to add the final touch of warmth or character to a room, hallway or dining area. But not all rugs are just rugs. Some rugs exist from a long, historical tradition – passed down from generation to generation and woven with unbelievable finesse and craft. We’re talking about the Persian rug. A style of carpeting that, from its origins, was meticulously hand-crafted and developed to reflect culture and story. Today, this art form has been developed into a rich market that incorporates both the traditional style and bespoke, modern styles that retain the same ethos of quality and prestige, while considering budget and accommodation of more modern spaces.

But Persian rugs have a history of storytelling. Persian rugs are known for their excellent quality and long-lasting robustness. Some say that those of the highest quality and woven with …