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Tips for Selecting the Right Beach Home Roofing Material Perhaps you are one of those people lucky enough to own a beautiful beach home? Irrespective of whether you use your home down by the beach for vacations or as your permanent address,having the appropriate roof will save you a lot of headaches. Homes located in different areas geographically will need roofing materials appropriate for the atmospheric or other conditions prevalent there. Areas likely to have occasional forest fires should have homes roofed using fireproof materials. Roofs used for roofing homes located in very hot places should be able to reflect light as this quality will help the home interiors keep cool. Coastal areas where beach homes are built typically have salts,humidity and strong winds that have the power to destroy or degrade roofing materials necessitating replacements to be done from time to time. Strong winds can even blow away entire roofs,forcing the home owners to erect new ones urgently. The best roofing materials for windy coastal areas are those that have been tested and proven by the manufacturers to be heavy and tough enough to remain intact even when the inevitable fast moving winds blow. The humid air that blows from the salty water bodies near coasts cause corrosion on roofs made of certain metallic materials. Essentially,you are looking to erect a roof that can withstand moisture,salty conditions and high speed winds. This article will shed some light on some of the good materials that you can use when you want to build that dream home on the beach
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Copper is a bit heavy and therefore a good material to use for your beach house. Copper is superior to iron as a roofing choice in coastal climates. Patina,a green protective layer generated when copper reacts with air and moisture helps your roof withstand corrosion. Copper with all its goodness and suitability costs more and that is probably why it isn’t that common on most new coastal homes.
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If you want longevity,slate tiles for a beach home roof is the best option there is. Slate tiles are highly durable and quite heavy but come at a high cost. Asphalt shingles are cheaper than slate and copper but don’t last as long and are prone to strong winds damage. The many varieties of good roofing materials in the market today can be overwhelming to a prospective buyer. If you intend to build your home in North Myrtle beach,arrange to visit the best North Myrtle beach roofing professional who can competently advise you on the best roofing solution for your dream beach custom home.