What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Blocks of Flats?

Different living situations push people to live in blocks of flats. Yet there are a few alternate opinions people can consider on ReviewsBird.com. It is for those who do not want to live in blocks of flats. Flats have been a go-to place for many people. There are different advantages and disadvantages of this.

Depending on the number of people in the family, many people find it convenient and many find it discomforting. To get an apartment for yourself, you can walk up to companies based on house rentals reviews show that many people still opt for blocks of flats as an alternative because they cannot afford a full-scale house. However, the following advantages and disadvantages should be considered before opting for a flat:


1.   Reduced Cost:

Paying for rents is cheaper than paying a mortgage. As the price of buying a home has increased, mortgage rates have increased too. However, renting an apartment could save you money till you’re fit to own your space.

2.   Maintenance:

The maintenance of many apartments today is the responsibility of the landlord. It is easier to maintain the apartments due to insurance. With the quality service you enjoy, you need not worry about major maintenance. The corporate body or landlord in charge will have major maintenance issues.

3.   Amenities:

 This could be a gym center, security systems, or swimming pools. These luxuries may be enjoyed without a huge toll on your rent fee. Although you may need to pay a token to maintain these services.

4.   Security:

 There is often surveillance coverage in a large compound. With security guards and the security systems in place, you’re less vulnerable to attacks and chaos.

5.   Cheaper Utilities:

 Your electricity, water, cable, and related bills are reduced due to the collective payment for these services by every tenant. As a homeowner, you’ll pay more money for these services.


  1. Privacy: You will live near your neighbors. This could reduce the level of privacy you have, especially when you want to hold private discussions with your family.
  2. Small Living and Outdoor Space: You could secure an apartment that has smaller rooms than normal rooms should have. This may reduce the kind of furniture you use and the liberty your kids have to roam about the house. You’ll end up being crammed in a small space.
  3. Noise: Noise pollution is a day-to-day flaw when living in blocks of flats. The dogs could be barking, your neighbor’s kids may be shouting, and without soundproofing, you’ll lose absolute peace.
  4. Parking Issues: In situations where there are limited provisions for parking cars, you may need to manage the available small space or park your car elsewhere.

Some other advantage includes a fixed rent fee and the sense of community that would be invoked in you and your kids. However, Other disadvantages also include a high risk of conflict with neighbors, lack of sole decision-making process, and the issues of renovations and constructions. As a homeowner, you will love to do things differently than the collective would.