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Guide to Growing a Self Sustaining Garden and Their Needs

A self sustaining garden of vegetables and fruits is something that will provide food on your table for as long as they are healthy. With this garden you always get the freshest vegetables and you save money on trips to the grocery. In order to sustain your vegetable and fruit garden there are some necessary things for your plants to be of good health.

First consider the soil. Soil that is rich in nutrient will surely give you healthy plants. And in order to have these nutrients, you should use composted soil, grass, or mulch. Using this soil will ensure that your plants will get all the necessary nutrients to make them grow healthy and strong.

The type of climate you have affects your soil. It is recommended to get grass for South Florida for those living in warm climates.

Natural soil can hold water better than processed soil. When this is the case, watering your plants does not have to be done on a regular basis. IN rainy areas, watering is sometimes not even necessary.

It is only when the plants need it that you water your plants. If you don’t want to run out of water if you live in a drought-prone area, then you should have an independent source of water. It is wise to build a system for collecting rainwater This will ensure that even if water is scarce, you will have enough supply for the needs of your plants.

Healthy plants have their own ability to resist pest and disease. Do not be tempted to use commercial pest control products if you find pests and diseases in your garden. Remember that these chemicals can harm your plants and the environment. Healthy fruits and vegetables that complement each other can also fight pests together so be sure to have these plants in your garden.

Plants vegetables and fruits that you always use for cooking. IT is very easy to grow them and you don’t need to labor hard to keep them healthy. This is especially true with root crops since you can just leave them on their own and the will give you great yield in due time. Herbs are great additions to your garden. Your food will taste better with herbs. Don’t forget to plant cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers in your garden. Pickling the extra harvest will be great for the winter. If you want to cook jam, plant strawberries and blueberries.

A sustainable garden should be left to sustain itself. It is not advisable to keep on trimming or pruning your plants; let them grow naturally. You only need light maintenance to this type of garden and you will surely have a great harvest.

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