Steps to Take During Water or Fire Damage Restoration

It can be overwhelming to come home to a water-damaged home, but it can be equally hard to know how to proceed. There are certain steps to take to get help, keep the family safe and start the recovery process. Use these steps to simplify the experience of Water or Fire Damage Restoration.

Make Sure It is Safe to Re-Enter

Before going back into the home, it is important to ensure that the electricity is turned off. If the owner isn’t sure, they should call an electrician for help and an inspection. If the home is fueled by gas, call the company to have the line disconnected.

Schedule an In-Depth Inspection

Before beginning the cleanup and restoration process, the home should be inspected by professionals. An inspector can help homeowners avoid safety risks such as damaged appliances, and they can help the owner decide if anything is salvageable.

Remove All the Water

To keep damage from becoming worse, the water removal process should start as soon as it is safe. Following a flood, a non-electrical water pump is an important tool. When the water has been removed, circulating air will allow everything to dry faster. Set up fans in each room and keep doors and windows open to the extent possible.

Initiate an Insurance Claim

Call the flood insurer right away to ensure that the family gets adequate compensation for damages. Be sure to take photos of the cleaning, water removal and restoration phases, to provide documentation to the insurance company.

Choose Restoration Services

Not all parts of a home can withstand severe water damage, but many things can. Professional fire and water damage restoration services can save a family hundreds or even thousands in replacement costs. If something’s valuable, don’t assume that it’s damaged beyond repair until an expert has been consulted. Other than furniture, appliances and other household items, a restorer can revive the property.

When families need damage restoration, local companies provide comprehensive assistance after hail, wind, fire, mold and water damage hits a home. Call today for emergency service, or visit the website to learn more about the restoration process.