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How to Use Dog Flea Medicine The infestation of fleas, ticks and other parasitic host is a bother for most pet owners. They commonly result in a host of health issues and concerns for people’s pets. Such parasitic hosts as fleas are particularly tougher to get rid of. Immediately after they have infested your dog, they proceed to lay a lot of new eggs on a daily basis. Choosing the right flea medicine and prevention methods can see to it that these parasites are done away with for good. For you to successfully arrest their infestation, it is prudent to know the details of their thriving ability. The the life cycle of fleas has four steps -egg, larva, pupa, adult. They start off by identifying a host, which for your is your pet, and feed on its blood, making it possible for them to lay eggs. After laying their eggs, these will fall off the dog and hatch whenever they happen to land. Such areas are mostly places your dog inhabits, like your carpet, its bedding, your couch, and clothes. They will hatch into larvae, then later transform into pupae and finally into adult fleas. They will then infest your dog and take its blood. Application of the appropriate flea medication will prevent the continuation of their life cycle, which will result in no further eggs being laid in your home. There are different types of dog flea medicine, each with a unique way in which they tackle this flea life cycle problem. Some will kill off the adult fleas and eggs, while others will interfere with the whole life cycle. There are different ways of giving the said medications. There are those that are for oral administering, while others are in liquid form, to be applied topically. This requires you to choose the most suitable medicine for your situation. Careful selection will ensure the right medicine is used the first time. It is advisable as much as possible to focus on the prevention of an infestation. It is the easier objective to accomplish as compared to curing.
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There are a few things to keep in mind when administering pet flea medication to ensure correct use. Some flea medicines are designed to kill the fleas, while others interrupt their life cycle. Select the right one for your circumstances, or use both when in doubt.
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Aim to start prevention early to arrest their spread. An early start presents you with the best chance of completely eradicating these fleas. Invest in a flea medicine that prevents the eggs from hatching. The first instance of your dog scratching itself profusely should be your wake-up call to start dealing with the infestation, before it overtakes any arresting applications. If oral medication doesn’t work for your pet, the liquid one should work. They can take it in their water. Vacuum the area your pet normally is in and throw the bag, or vacuum flea powder into it immediately. Seek your vet’s advice on the issue. During the administration, follow the medicine instruction accordingly. Skipping one could change how it works. Fleas torment both you and your pet, and can lead to some serious health issues. Getting the right dog flea medication will give you peace of mind, and protect the health of your dog.