Can New Kitchen Cabinets Redefine a Home?

There are many options when it comes to buying custom or pre-made Kitchen Cabinets. Installing the right cabinets could help a homeowner rediscover their love for cooking, etc. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying cabinets and hiring professionals to install them.

Cabinet choices to choose from

Here are some examples of materials that are available.

  • Melamine
  • Lacquered MDF
  • Solid wood
  • Wood veneer
  • A family of polymers, including thermoplastic, polyethylene, polyester, acrylic.

Price does matter

The choice of materials plays a direct role in the final price of the kitchen. People can double, or reduce by half, the price of a kitchen renovation depending on the material they choose for their Kitchen Cabinets. To reduce costs, most people will opt for melamine, which is less expensive than other materials such as wood and lacquered MDF. Be aware that, even though it is a cheaper option, melamine today offers quite amazing results both in terms of look and quality.

Should people repair or resurface their cabinets?

Repairing kitchen cabinets is an option, but most companies do not provide this service. Most of the time, professional installers will tell clients that trying to renovate their kitchen cabinets is a waste of time. The investment, both in money and time, is not always worth it. The savings are usually from 0% to 25%.

Although the investment may be less than buying new custom or pre-machined cabinets, the result will only allow the homeowner to spend several years without having to install new cabinets. Remember that the functionality and ergonomics of a kitchen will not be improved unless you buy the cabinets you want. So, it is essential to consider if such an investment is worth it.

What colors are available?

The choice of materials used for custom kitchen cabinets or other types of cabinets should be in line with the material’s choice of colors. The reason is straightforward: the choice of material will influence the range of colors available.

Here are the color options available, depending on the material chosen.

  • MDF has nearly an unlimited choice of colors! The process consists of selecting the desired color from what is offered by paint companies. Then, the installers or manufacturers will develop a lacquer corresponding to the chosen color and apply it to the cabinets.
  • Wood allows people the choice to go with natural wood or to add a dye according to what is desired. You have unlimited color options with wood.
  • Melamine allows customers to choose from 200 to 300 color options.
  • Acrylic will provide a smaller number of options since there are only a dozen or two types of colors currently available.
  • Polyethylene is the option that offers the least possibilities with a dozen or fewer colors available.
  • Thermoplastic allows you to choose from around a hundred colors.

In summary, if you have a specific taste when it comes to the colors of your new kitchen cabinets, you will probably be better served by wood or MDF, both of which offer unlimited color choices. If you are more classic or conservative, the materials you choose will not be as crucial since each of the available elements offers the primary colors such as white, black, gray, and more. Find more at Cabinets City.